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Common Settings

"Minimize Shelf into Tray by Close button" - changes the conventional behavior of the Close button, from exiting the whole program to minimizing Shelf window into Tray. This feature prevents you from accidentally exiting the program every time you press the Close button. This way you can have more space in the taskbar for other programs and don't see the Shelf even then when you switch between application windows using the Alt+Tab shortcut.

To restore the Shelf window you can either use the global shortcut Alt+S or choose the "(Alt+S) - Show/Hide Shelf" option from RefShelf's system Tray icon context menu.

"Launch application with Windows start" - automatically runs RefShelf after the OS has booted. This feature allows you to always be in touch with the program immediately when you need it.

    "Hidden in tray" - force the application to start hidden in Tray after it automatically launches with the OS. This feature allows starting the application in the background and do not show the Shelf window on startup making the app startup completely "silent" for you.

    "With delay 30 sec." - define the app autorun delay. This feature allows OS to have processing resources of your computer for load more important programs during startup. RefShelf will run after the specified delay. Therefore, this is a deterministic launch of the program in order to do not interfere with OS startup. For a computer with SSD as a boot drive, the 30 seconds delay will be enough. You can increase this value on your discretion if your OS still loads something after the current delay or decrease to 0 if OS startup time doesn't matter for you.

"Enable Shelf Global Hotkeys" - register the specified system-wide hotkeys in OS.


The global hotkeys can only be registered if this keyset is not reserved yet in your system by another application.

"Show Tips" - activates the pop-up pads with the tips above the Notification Area. Tips may be helpful if you are new to the program. If you are already familiar with the basic features of the program, you can disable tips here or directly on the pad by deselecting "Show tips" checkmark.


"Clear ...Pictures\RefShelf folder from unused images" - delete permanently all of the images stored in ...Pictures\RefShelf folder what are not longer used in any of Card on a Shelf.

During adding references from the browser or clipboard, RefShelf will store them as an image files into the "RefShelf" subfolder of your current user's "Pictures" folder. When you remove Cards with a links on those Reference Images, the actual Reference Images files itself continue to exist on your drive in ...RefShelf/Pictures folder. This clearing function can help you to automatically remove this kind of "lost" images from ...Pictures\RefShelf folder if you no longer need them.